Monday 27 May 2013

Landing Page Strategies For Improved Conversions: Create Customer Personas

Converting visitors to customers is not an easy task and optimizing your landing pages for increased conversion rates is certainly not a one-time thing. You have to be testing and optimizing your landing pages all the time. But, just because you're optimizing and changing your pages around doesn't mean that you are doing the right thing. Rather than wasting time on busy work and lots of experiments that end up not getting you any improvements, use this strategy to get the maximum conversion rates with minimal effort with some smart up-front research work.

This article is about Step 1: Create a Persona (or) a bunch of Personas

Customers, Future Customers and Non-Customers

If I ask you, "who is going to use your product?" and your answer is  "Everyone!", I'd like you to stop reading right now and contact Yahoo. I hear they're looking to acquire someone with broad appeal and no customers.

The rest of you can somewhat split the world's population into three segments: customers, future customers and non-customers. As long as you can recognize that some people out there are just not interested in your product and will never ever use it. You sell cell phones and they're Amish. That's just one type. There's a whole host of non-customers on the basis of the features you provide, on your pricing and even your support model. It's important to know your customers but is just as important to know your non-customers so you don't waste your marketing on them.

Your Ideal Customers as Personas

A persona is a virtual customer that has attributes that you're looking for in a customer. They're a stand-in for your real customer. If you're selling pizzas, the persona may be a pizza-crazy college student. If you're selling conversion rate optimization software (ahem), the persona may be a web application developer looking to increase sales of his or her product. It helps if you name the persona. That makes them more real in the process. Then, you can ask yourself "What would Bob think about this landing page?" or "Where does Karen hang out online?" or "Does Joe use Twitter more or Facebook?"

There's nothing that says that you have one ideal customer persona. You can have as multiple customer personas as needed, each with their own characteristics. Each of them think of your product in different ways. Each of them care about different things and search your landing pages for the answer to their deepest desire/concern. Developers look at your product and wonder how easy it is to integrate your solution into theirs. Cost is secondary. Marketing people look at your product and wonder if they need deep technical knowledge to operate your tool and worry that they can't.

Think Like A Persona

Now, admittedly, this is the tricky part. You have to start thinking like your customer persona. Anything you do must appeal to this persona that you have created. Here are some homework questions:

  • Are you saying the right things? 
  • What are your persona's key concerns?
  • Are you addressing the persona's key concern on your product landing page? 
  • Are you picking the words that your persona would search for on Google when they are describing their problems and looking for answers? 
  • Is your message reaching the place where your persona hangs out?
  • Does your product have a good reputation among your persona's peers?
  • How is the persona supposed to hear about you given what they read/where they hang out?

Do yourself a favor. Take some time out now. Think real hard about what kind of people will use your product and start storyboarding their personalities into personas.  It's really going to pay off in the long run.

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